15 Flawed Premises (FLAWPS) That Trip People Up

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Add to Wishlist. USD 0. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Overview In this e-booklet, Karen Money Williams refers to the Abraham-Hicks teachings to clear up fifteen common misconceptions. If you're not familiar with Abraham, you've never heard it quite like this before! Take a fresh new look at greed, peace, the soul, service to others, enlightenment, learning lessons, remembering history, desires, karma, and more.

Even if you don't agree with this, you'll likely find it thought-provoking! Product Details.

15 Flawed Premises (FLAWPS) That Trip People Up

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Brother Lawrence - The practice of the presence of God the best rule of a holy life, being conversations and letters of Nicholas Herman of Lorraine Brother Lawrence is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of Pepper" commercial, and generally waiting for his "big break" to come. I see the actual AC's as completely separate classes, so I would never expect that to happen. They also have separate story lines and many many differant abilities and features.

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That's neat I hope that in regular games they start just letting me one hit bosses and that if I happen to die when fighting something a bolt of lightning smites the mob in the head and then I get an auto-rez At what point is the concept of talent trees pointless when they become trivial to change repeatedly and quickly? Why even have talent trees at all if you can have 2,3 4, whatever many of them? Would that be simple enough for people? Thats half the reason I never went past the beta with rift, and it sounds like I made the right decision there.

If what you do is no longer part of your character, it starts be be obvious that there are only 4 classes in the game in the first place. Every bit of distinction past that is good, not bad. Getting a group of people together and not just yelling at the first person with heals in their class to put on their healer hat is a good thing albiet a better lfg tool would be nice.

You're assuming that dual spec would be implemented in the same way and have the same effects here that it did in WoW. There is no adrenaline during combat like there was in EQ1. Death meant alot in that game which meant each combat meant something. In the games since, combat means little overall and death even less. Dual specs is another tool that causals need in order to compete with hardcore members. Dual Spec is evil! More evil than penguins, apples and windows together.

But it will come sooner or later. There is no way to avoid that. I recall the time before dual spec in wow, when you chose to enter a raid with extra healers to make fight X easier, or extra dps to make fight Y easier, and player skill made up the difference. Great points! To add personal history to this, I ran in guilds of hundreds when the game first came out. They would need a certain number of each class, not role, class, to accomplish things. Then the Dual Spec Blender came along. Soon, you'd have people buffing from an alt of level, then getting on their main, switching spec and going into raids.

After a while, guilds shrank, they had implemented 10 man content. Now, 10m and 25m give the same exact gear. There's no reason to be in a guild of more than a handful of people. Our guild of RL friends had 22 people in it, and we'd run 2 10m raids twice a week. People would switch specs as needed, and we didn't have to PUG anyone.

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Is this a boon? I think not! It made the guild very secular and stunted our success and growth, in my opinion and our guild leaders. We couldn't grow because just about everyone was doing exactly what we were. Its still has about 2 mill subs! Only reason they have me.

I hope BW plays this smarter then SoE. I want quad spec and I want unlocked ACs. I have a real life and dont have time to make chars equipped to raid level. I need chars have all the rolls I want to be able to fill all my gaming needs. Rifts is doing well and showed there is a huge market for this.

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They wana keep my sub then they need to ease up and give me more freedom on how I spec. Respecing as it stands now costs WAY to much. Second this. The possibility of loosing everything you own when dying made EQ intense.

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There is now risk vs. All death means is Over simplification You haven't sold me with that argument. Main reason is this dual spec is already in game, it's called respec. This is allowed by Bioware, the only thing it does it taking 10 min of your time and some money. Dual spec is just making it more convenient. For me this is a game, realism in a SW game is not something I hold high. I don't like time sinks and neither do I see a real good point why dual spec is a bad idea.

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Get over yourselves people, these features and things that games such as wow and rift are adding make the game more enjoyable and it is just one of the many reasons people join and continue to play them. So why the hell would Bioware not want to add these features into there game. Adding these simple creature comforts into the game keep people more interested and playing longer.

If rift already has this market covered why do we need it here?

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  • 15 Flawed Premises (FLAWPS) That Trip People Up.

All games don't need to be the same. Diversity is good.

1.1 Basic Concepts: Arguments, Premises, & Conclusions

Your guild is not the world. Plenty of people would be very happy with the scenario you describe here. Also, as you mentioned, dual-spec is not the only thing that contributed to this. This game is not WoW, and you can't assume that introducing dual spec would have the same results that it did there. There are too many variables. I mentioned some of these same points a page ago, but you seem to have stopped replying to me in favor of addressing the "emotion and opinion" that so many of the trolls in this thread are spewing.

You know why? Because those damn casuals bring in more money than the so called hardcore crowd. If they didn't, we wouldn't be having these conversations. Seriously, step away from the computer and chill for a few moments before coming back. If numbers meant something then Runescape must be the greatest game ever and it has a subscriber base too.