A Dívida (Portuguese Edition)

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  4. "dízimo" English translation.
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Peter Wise in Lisbon. A Socialist government supported by the far left is set to take power in Portugal after defeating a shortlived minority centre-right administration in a parliamentary vote on its policy programme. The vote was the culmination of two days of acrimonious debate as rival groups demonstrated outside parliament. The prospect of a PS government assured of majority support from the BE and PCP battered shares in Portuguese banks this week and saw government borrowing costs reach a five-month high.

Portugal 10-Year Bond Yield

This will create the economic space needed to alleviate the very serious financial restraints families and companies face. Mr Centeno envisages cutting the budget deficit from 3 per cent of gross domestic product this year to 1.

Public debt would fall from per cent of GDP to per cent over the same period. A slower pace of consolidation would have to be agreed with the European Commission, but Mr Centeno is confident Brussels will be receptive.

Public-Affairs Commentary – Nuno Monteiro

Nobody was talking about the possibility of European quantitative easing 18 months ago. His economic programme is based on one drawn up for the PS election campaign and adapted over three weeks of negotiations with the BE and PCP. Most of the changes relate to labour market legislation, where the PS has given way to the far left in areas such as dismissal rules.

These will be put back on the table at a later date, says Mr Centeno. Out of the 3. Two-thirds of people who lose their jobs receive no unemployment benefit at all. Nobody with any sense thinks of not paying debts they have contracted.

But we will have to find a way of. Powered by WordPress and Carrington. Nuno Monteiro International politics, ideas, and academia.

How An Unstoppable Debt Crisis Is Affecting The Portuguese Debt Clock

Public-Affairs Commentary [For commentary in Portuguese media, see here. Sousa, Expresso , Apr. Be Sociable, Share!

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