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Also includes Hurwitz's tax return and Hurwitz's data from a sleep disorders clinic. Leo papers; Includes correspondence from Switzerland regarding an unnamed film and "Leo Hurwitz Album -- Project"; Hurwitz's notes on the effects of his chemotherapy; Folkways royalties statements; notes on trips to Helsinki and Moscow; correspondence from the Paul Strand Archive regarding stills for a book; a copy of " Hurwitz vs.

Box C Folder Miners film project; ca. Also includes Hurwitz's European trip itinerary and doodles. Box C Folder Radio -- phonograph; Includes advertisements for radios; invoices; owner's manual; warranties' notes; and nuts and washers. Also includes a list of artworks in the Little Red School House exhibition of contemporary American paintings; endorsers of House Resolution regarding the Tunisian question; a letter regarding the McCarran-Wood bills; and a list of contributing artists on the Negro Institute of the Arts committee.

Box C Folder Passport application; , Correspondence and documents related Hurwitz's passport, including the rejection of his application on the grounds of Communist sympathies. Box C Folder Loans and borrowings; Correspondence from Charles Pratt confirming a loan to Hurwitz, and a letter from the American Theatre Wing thanking Hurwitz for his financial assistance. Box C Folder 3a: [File pocket labeled: Letters 2 -- college and earlier -- group one]; Correspondence from friends and family, and Harvard University regarding scholarships, loans, and other administrative issues.

Also includes notes and poems by Hurwitz. Box C Folder 3b: [File pocket labeled: Letters 2 -- college and earlier -- group two]; Correspondence from friends and family, and Harvard University regarding scholarships, loans, and other administrative issues. Box C Folder 4a: [Folder labeled: Old miscellaneous ]; Includes theater and film programs; notes and correspondence on an animated feature film project; correspondence from Edwin Rolfe; poems by Hurwitz; invoices; an advertisement for Creative Art ; flyer for a performance by Sophia Delza; a letter applying for work in printing; book review; and Workers Film-Photo League prints.

Lawson; , , , , , Letters to Peggy Lawson from her father-in-law John Howard "Jack" Lawson and his wife Susan "Mom" , most sent while they were visiting the U. Also includes a Lionel Berman memorial booklet; a cover letter from the Leo Dratfield Endowment which originally accompanied Hurwitz's Leo Award certificate; a holiday card from J.

Box C Folder 9: Braus -- Letters, etc. Includes a written response from Hurwitz to the editor. In English, Spanish, and Chinese. Moore, and letter from John Brown. Box C Folder Letters -- and a poem note re: father ; Personal correspondence, including letter from Woody Guthrie. Handwritten poem. Box C Folder 8: [Envelope Labeled: Period ]; Personal correspondence, including from Jane Dudley and Peter Hawley; doctor and legal bills for Leo and Tom Hurwitz; Columbia University bill for Tom Hurwitz; dentist bills; travel bills; phone bills and related correspondence; rent report.

Schneer, D. Box C Folder Francesca Piatti; , Photograph of a tree with note by Piatti on the back; blank postcards and membership form, brochure for the International Peace Camp, Hurwitz's membership receipt; sticker for the Ragnatela; note from Piatti to Nelly Burlingham; postcard with poem sent to Hurwitz by Piatti. Box C Folder [Correspondence, film festival applications]; Correspondence with invitation to the International Leipzig Documentary and Short Film Week; University of California, Berkeley letter thanking Hurwitz for permission to show Native Land , with articles and flyer they did for the program; application materials for the Festival dei Popoli, the International Program for Films on Leisure, the International Film Festival of Locarno, and the Festival International de Cinema Nyon; Directors Guild of America letter on supplemental materials; personal correspondence from Peter Werner.

In English and German. Box C Folder Correspondence -- mid to late ; , Personal and professional correspondence, including interview questions and instructions; inquiries into grant project funding; correspondence from the Sinking Creek Film Celebration; letter that originally accompanied a synopsis of "In Search of John Brown"; correspondence with the BBC regarding a film about the New Deal; inquiries regarding screenings and distribution of Dialogue with a Woman Departed ; a letter regarding the Abraham Lincoln Brigade; and a request to appear on a public access show about censorship.

Box C Folder General correspondence -- references, foundation, including researchers; , Personal and professional correspondence, including letters from family members; inquiries regarding prints of Hurwitz's films, retrospectives, and screenings of Dialogue with a Woman Departed ; professional references; and research on Paul Strand. Box C Folder 6f: [Envelope labeled: Correspondence -- carbons and copies of letters, personal biography, some budget stuff]; Personal and professional correspondence.

Includes documents related to Here at the Waters' Edge , including budget, letters from Bob Barrows giving his impressions of the film, letters from Henry Cowell about writing music for the film. Small spiral-bound notebook with notes about Moby Dick. Letter from Broderick about selling of comestible human organs. Letter from Marie Briehl about Hurwitz wanting to separate from Jane.

Box C Folder Leo Hurwitz personal ; Includes correspondence related to Hurwitz's tenure at CBS letters to and from colleagues; correspondence regarding guests for CBS shows and viewer responses; memos regarding salary; and correspondence regarding Hurwitz's leaving the network.

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Box C Folder Correspondence ; "In Search of John Brown" funding; film festivals; blacklisted individuals; Native Land stills; printing, distribution, and publicity materials for Dialogue with a Woman Departed. Box C Folder 7: Museum of Modern Art -- preparation of materials for printing; Notes and correspondence regarding film storage, prints, and procedures; terms and conditions from Cinema Services, Inc. Allen, Inc. Box C Folder Distribution of L.

Box C Folder Distribution -- sample agreements; undated Blank motion picture distribution agreements from Document Associates, Inc.

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Subjects include questions about Paul Strand from a doctoral student; Hurwitz's letter to Pravda; and a denied request to use Frontier Films footage in a film about the Depression. Also includes ideas for potential films, poems by authors other than Hurwitz, photographs, newspaper clippings, invitations, a newsletter, illustrations, and materials related to the Leningrad Film Festival.

Materials are in English and Russian. Box C Folder 6: Applications to City of NY for filming or photographing in public places; Completed television permit applications and a blank application for still photography. Box C Folder 9: [Envelopes labeled: "Lex school" and "To file"]; Materials related to Hurwitz's assistance in choosing a filmmaker to produce a film about the Lexington School for the deaf, including correspondence from Charles B. Blackburn; information about candidates; and notes. Heitler; and It Can't Happen Here film treatment. Box C Folder List of film descriptions; ca.

Lewis Jacobs. Box C Folder 2: [Correspondence and publications]; , , undated Professional correspondence, including mailings from Harvard College and the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the University of Saskatchewan; and personal correspondence from friends. Publications consists of a copy of Regis Debray's "Declaration at the Court Martial"; material about film schools and employment; science and dance brochures; an issue of King's Crown Essays; and syllabus for Manfred Kirchheimer at New York University.

In English and French. Box C Folder 1b: [Correspondence, clippings, and receipts]; Correspondence, both professional and personal. Personal correspondence includes letters from Paul Strand. Also includes customs reports, notes, lab invoices, newspaper clippings, and personal documents, such as insurance papers. In English, French, Polish, and Hebrew. Box C Folder 2: American Doc. Films; ca. Box C Folder 3: A. In French and English. Box C Folder 4: L.

Box C Folder Ford Foundation application; Drafts and notes for Hurwitz's application for a Ford Foundation filmmakers' grant, with related correspondence and press releases from the Ford Foundation and Cinema 16 announcing the winners. Box C Folder Portable tape transistor idea -- material; , undated Pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, circulars, and clippings regarding consumer tape recorders, tape players, transistor radios, turntables, and recordings.

Also includes correspondence with Standard Oil Co. Material is in English and French. Box C Folder Film facilities -- also "general" -- misc.

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Einstein" by Lincoln Barnett. Box C Folder Duart -- credit app. Packing, b. Film inspection; Correspondence and notes regarding the shipment of 16mm and 35mm prints of Hurwitz's films to Leningrad; return film inspection record and list of "faults" in the return shipping; list of films to Photogard; list of 35mm prints to be sent to Bonded Storage. Box C Folder Film rental; Contains correspondence, invoices, and receipts related to the rental, loan, and shipping of Strange Victory to the Cincinnati Film Society and the University of Southern California,.

UPS receipt. Also includes a price list of services from Teknifilm, Inc. Box C Folder N. Klein; Signed two-year lease for office space at 32 Union Square, Box C Folder Accutreat: Film cleaning, etc. Condition of prints returned by Bergman; Invoices, pamphlets, and notes related to Accutreat and Photogard film cleaning, "rejuvenating," and protection services; list of "Films to be Sent to Bergmann " in Germany and condition reports of prints upon their return.