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Anosmia is sometimes caused by a problem with the system that sends signals from the nose to the brain. A cold is the most common cause of partial and temporary loss of smell. In these cases, the anosmia will go away on its own. Loss of smell can occur if something is physically blocking the passage of air into the nose.

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This may include:. There are receptors inside the nose that send information through nerves to the brain.

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Anosmia can occur if any part of this pathway is damaged. There are many conditions that can cause this damage, including:. In rare cases, people are born without a sense of smell due to a genetic condition. This is called congenital anosmia. The loss of smell is difficult to measure.

Your doctor may ask you some questions about your current symptoms, examine your nose, perform a complete physical examination, and ask about your health history. They may ask questions about when the problem started, if all or only some types of odors are affected, and whether or not you can taste food.

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Depending on your answers, your doctor may also perform one or more of the following tests:. People with anosmia may lose interest in food and eating, leading to malnutrition and weight loss. People with anosmia should make sure to have functioning smoke alarms in their homes at all times. They should also be cautious with food storage and the use of natural gas because they may have trouble detecting spoiled foods and gas leaks. Treatment depends on the cause.

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If the loss of smell occurs with a cold, allergy, or sinus infection, it typically will clear up on its own in a few days. Loss of smell caused by nasal obstruction can be treated by removing whatever is obstructing your nasal passage. This removal may involve a procedure to remove nasal polyps, straighten the nasal septum, or clear out the sinuses. People with a partial loss of their sense of smell can add concentrated flavoring agents to food to improve their enjoyment. A well-functioning sense of smell is something most people take for granted, until it's lost.

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Losing your sense of smell, known as anosmia, can make…. Loss of smell can occur due to problems in the nose, brain, or nervous system. The impairment is usually a distorted sense of smell. Impaired taste is the absence or altered sense so taste, such as having a metallic taste in the mouth.

Most people only experience impaired taste…. A metallic taste in your mouth is a type of taste disorder.

The unpleasant taste can develop suddenly or over longer periods of time. So, repeat sounds you hear your baby making and introduce simple words that apply to everyday life. Have "conversations" with your baby and wait for a pause in the babble to "answer. Your baby can taste and smell and will favor sweet tastes over bitter ones. For example, a baby will choose to suck on a bottle of sweetened water, but will turn away or cry if given something bitter or sour to taste. Likewise, babies will turn toward smells they favor and turn away from bad odors.

Though sweetness is preferred, taste preferences will continue to develop during the first year. In fact, studies show that a mother's diet can affect the way her breast milk tastes.

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These first flavors can help shape flavor preferences later on. For example, a mother who ate spicy foods while nursing is likely to have a child who grows up to favor spicy foods. For now, breast milk or formula will fully satisfy your baby.

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Some doctors suggest introducing rice cereal or another single-grain cereal between 4 and 6 months. Talk to your doctor before starting solid foods. Babies learn about the world through touch. When you cuddle or kiss your baby, your baby learns that he or she is safe, secure, and loved. When your baby feels a cool breeze on the cheek, he or she learns about the environment. The opportunities for exercising your baby's sense of touch at this age are endless, even during the course of a regular day.

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Your baby will enjoy toys and books with different textures. See if your baby likes to touch the silky trim of the baby blanket, or feel the texture of a carpet. Let him or her safely explore surroundings. Don't forget how important the feel of a gentle caress or a tender kiss is, and hold your baby when you are able. In the next few months, your baby should be responding to more and more sights and sounds.