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Medievalism has been closely united to national traditions since its beginning, and this book contributes to our understanding of this phenomenon.

They actively participated in debates that exceeded strictly academic limits, delving into a wide range of political and cultural issues. The range of the cultural and geographical origins of the medievalists profiled in this volume — from England, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Bulgaria, United States, Belgium, Holland, and Turkey — best illustrates the global influence of medievalism in the construction, invention, and consolidation of national traditions.

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This focus, which perhaps and apparently contravenes the actual strength of the process of globalisation, is especially fascinating in the field of medievalism, because most of the modern nations — specially those in Europe and Asia — have found their justification, inspiration, and legendary and historical foundations in the Middle Ages. By reading the lives of these medievalists, we can better understand the development of intellectual history and our notions of developing cultural traditions.

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II, National Traditions. Description Table of Content PDF The first volume of Rewriting the Middle Ages in the Twentieth Century , published in by Brepols, gathered twenty profiles of key medievalists of the 20 th century, and was preceded by an introduction on the evolution and current situation of medieval studies written by Jaume Aurell.

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Login via Institution. The essay examines how Early Modern society understood money.

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It suggests that a dialogue between mercantile methods and values, on the one hand, and academic and literary traditions, on the other, is indicative of the complex ways through which Early Modern society came to regard money, credit, and debt as ordinary means of economic and social interaction. The essay argues that economics and culture consists of values, beliefs, and methods that guide our actions and behaviors in all sorts of exchanges.

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The merging of methods, intellectual discourses, and literary figurations indicates that in the Early Modern period as is the case now , economic matters evolved faster, and that society reacted to monetary shifts either by seeking new ideas that would explain new economic realities, or by overstating traditional notions in order to resist change. This site uses cookies , tags, and tracking settings to store information that help give you the very best browsing experience. Close this message.

Author: Elvira Vilches.