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Scroll to continue. Shine even as your soul is breaking under the heavy weight of struggle. Allow your indomitable sense of humor to blaze through the cracks of your having fallen apart and come back together again.

Falling in love is both very easy and very difficult. It is difficult when we are coming from a place of attachment and independence or codependence. Learn to take it easy on yourself. Love simply. Or simply love.

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Be Love in the face of expectation. Be Love despite the love that thinks it needs validation. Be Love even when others cannot. That is the heart of forgiveness. Love others, let others love, and then let love go. Do this again and again, in a kind of loving life-death-rebirth process, and the ability of proactive forgiveness will not elude you.

The Five L’s of Life: Live, Learn, Love, Listen, Laugh

Live with courage. Learn by unlearning. Laugh at seriousness. Love without expectation. Road of life Live; learn; laugh; love Bob Marley quote Wrinkles mean. Cause honestly we would rather spend the time and resources to create life changing content, as compared to figuring out how to survive on ad revenue Pause, slow down, take a slow long breath, feel relaxed and calm.

This is what Fractal Enlightenment is about, to help you understand your self better, work with the inner to help you experience the outer.

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Gary Z McGee. Comments Leave a Comment. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world. I am dynamite! Read more. Standing on the Shoulders of the Oracle Self-Actualization. The trash is anything that is keeping you from the only thing that matters-this moment, here and now.

This may Interest you. When destiny One must be a sea to receive a polluted river without becoming defiled. Celebrating Love and Unity with the Handfasting Ceremony.

Back in October, my partner and I celebrated a year of marriage by holding a handfasting ceremony. It was a small and intimate celebration