Solitude Slaying: An Amish Country Murder Mystery (Amish Country Murder Mysteries Book 2)

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The twists and turns of the investigation include a chef found face-down in his kitchen poisoned by a deadly camas root, an exotic model murdered among the blue poppies she hoped would make her famous, and a lepidopterist shot dead among the same blue poppies, with the dust of an extinct butterfly on his fingertips.

Moody's other books span the unlikely realms of eco-terrorism on the Columbia River, sea creatures in Seattle's harbor, diamond mining in Canada and rare animal embryo cloning. Choose any one and settle in for an exciting, twisting, page-turner. Nevada Barr writes, "National parks are the home of our history, dyed in our blood, warmed by our hopes, inspired by our accomplishments.

Memories of who we were, knowledge of who we are, and dreams of who we can hope to become. She was born in Yerington, Nev. She went on to study speech and drama in New York and Minneapolis but spent summers working in the National Parks from Michigan to Mississippi. Barr's first park ranger job was boat patrol on Isle Royale National Park. A ranger's body has seemingly been pawed to death by a lion, but Anna Pigeon soon discovers she has fallen prey to foul play.

Track of the Cat was well received and A Superior Death , loosely based on Barr's experiences as a boat patrol ranger on Lake Superior, was published in In this novel, a diver finds more than was bargained for in a sunken ship.

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Barr has been a prolific writer ever since. The novel finds Anna moving to Colorado just three days after her wedding. Instead of a honeymoon she finds herself paired a wheelchair-bound paraplegic and elderly aunt in the middle of a mystery of three girls who disappeared on a cult-like religious retreat.

Victoria Houston's hometown is Rhinelander, and the local fishing culture is a backdrop that runs throughout her Loon Lake series featuring retired dentist and avid fisherman, Doctor Osborne, and his love interest and local fly-fishing police chief Lewellyn Ferris. A favorite in the series, Dead Madonna , begins when a young woman's body is found beneath a party pontoon boat on a popular northern Wisconsin lake.

On the same day, a prominent widow is found beaten to death in her home.

Solitude Slaying: An Amish Country Murder Mystery

Lew is caught short-handed and deputizes Doc to help her with the investigation. Fishing aside, there's nothing Doc likes better than helping Lew. The pair is joined in their efforts to untangle the murders by walleye-tracker and jokester Ray Pradt.

Doc is back trying to convince Lew to give ice fishing a chance, but his efforts are derailed when the bodies of two snowmobilers are pulled out of Two Sisters Lake and a woman's body turns up in a snowdrift. Lew and the Doc once again team up to get to the bottom of a very murky mystery. Eccentrics are welcome and Ray is back to help. Ray's newest idea is a seminar called "Fishing for Girls.

Doc and Lew then discover that another of Ray's "seminar girls'" parents lived in Loon Lake but were brutally murdered 27 years ago.

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A local attorney asks Lew to renew the murder investigation since the lawyer believes the person convicted was framed and the murderer is still in town. Lew has her hands full with her run for Lake County sheriff, a counterfeit money scam and a cold case murder. Ned "the Dog" Oglivie is Madison author John Galligan's fly-fishing and wound-licking protagonist in his three-part murder mystery series.


The Dog lives the philosophy: when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing. And the Dog is tough. A self-described "trout hound," he has checked out of life, gone fishing for three years traveling in his Cruise Master RV and is tackling his loneliness with vodka-tinged Tang. Here, the farm community clashes with environmentalists, and small town law enforcement is a joke. Getting to the bottom of a fly-fisherman's death proves to be almost as elusive as the Dog's quest to fish the yellow sally stonefly hatch.

It came from my real name. But lately I'd embraced it.


Accepted it. Become the Dog — and then gone feral.

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Galligan's second novel in the series, The Blood Knot finds the Dog in Avalanche in the heart of Wisconsin's Amish country at a time when a controversial artist is found dead in a local trout stream. The murder is pinned on a boy named Deuce and the Dog, fumbling about on a bad leg after being attacked by a beaver, sets out to prove the boy's innocence.

Local characters are rough and strung out on meth.

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During his trip, a troubled local girl, Jesse Ringer, is killed and the murder is pinned on her boyfriend, D'Ontario Sneed, who is unable to defend himself after he is found nearly dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Dog investigates a local lawyer, a pair of white supremacists and a local fly-fishing outfitter who employed the suspect and the victim. The ending offers a hint of redemption for the Dog, who has been trying to avoid society while coming to grips with his failed marriage and the drowning death of his only child.

The mystery follows the midlife detour of Hannah Swann who is trying to save a run-down fishing resort from an international mining corporation in Wisconsin's Northwoods. Hannah's uncle willed her the crumbling resort on remote Star Lake, and she puts teaching and her affair with a married man behind her, rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

Along the way, she bonds with folksy barmaid Ginger and fishing guide Dan Kerry. In the end, Dan helps Hannah fight the mining company and find a common ground with her activist adult daughter. Elizabeth Quinn brings Lauren Maxwell, widow, single mother of two, environmentalist and a Wild America Society investigator, to life. Lauren is stationed in Anchorage, Alaska and the arctic landscape provides the perfect backdrop for this feisty woman.

Murder Most Grizzly , takes the reader deep into bear country. Eccentric biologist and bear defender Roland Taft seems to have been killed by a bear. But Lauren thinks there is more to the story. Roland's remains were found at the scene along with a gun. But Roland never carried a gun in bear country. With my sister, I feel a great responsibility to not leave one single detail out. So on top of our normal conversations I don't want to miss a thing, and I need her to know that she can do this! Her body was made for this, and most of all that I believe in her.

The little details of birth and labor just don't seem sufficient to accomplish this task of grandeur. On top of all these emotions, I am feeling a bit of a surprising twist. I am feeling very awkward and out of place as her doula. I keep having these urges, to guide her in the way of a midwife, quieted because I cannot cross the line of doula. I am finding deep regard and honor for her midwife. I am taking a step away from the medical world and back into the emotional, physical, and informational support world.

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I have been given the role of a doula in this spectacular birth process, but my heart is screaming, "Do more!!! I had no idea that this passion that is seeded in my heart had grown so much in the last few years. These feelings of not being good enough are creeping into my mind. I am walking down this enlightening path that in the birth space, you have to take on the role that the mother needs. You may be a photographer, you may be a doula, you may be a midwife, or you may be a friend You play a huge part on an irreplaceable birth team.

Each piece of a birth team fits together like a machine. The machine, as a whole, could not work if one of the parts was not fulfilling its full potential and fulfilling it well. Each part is needed in order for the job to be accomplished. As with every birth I have ever attended or will ever attend, I am learning something new about birth and something new about myself.

My new role is amazing and I am holding onto these lessons like precious gemstones. I feel my heart wrapping around each one as I glean every bit of joy out of this pregnancy journey. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review.