The Dark Trek Home

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Naturally, this calls for disguises:.

The Dark Trek Home

And leads to some absolutely golden Bones moments, thanks to his utter disdain for the medical techniques he sees being used. But the crowning jewel of The Voyage Home is obviously this scene, in which Spock deploys the Vulcan nerve pinch on a rowdy young ruffian. But it combines its laughs with a strong environmental message, not to mention some stirring themes about loyalty and friendship.

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Star Trek IV The Voyage Home - Hospital Scene

Trek Permits For The Kokoda Track Kokoda Track Trek Permits must be purchased by all trekkers visiting the Kokoda Track, whether you are undertaking an independent trek or a trek with an organised tour. Responsible Trekking On The Kokoda Track Responsible trekking on the Kokoda Track centres on sharing the benefits of tourism with the Kokoda people, without causing negative effects on either the environment or their culture.

The terrain is rough and temperatures are high and humid year round.

Star Trek Week: 28 Universally Known Star Trek One-Liners

Jacksons International Airport provides air connections from all of the world's major cities. Kokoda Track Maintenance Report This form is to be used for reporting track maintenance issues and requirements that trek operators notice during the course of their treks. Numbers On The Track Number of trekkers using the track every month since View Gallery Discover the ultimate trekking experience.

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Getting Here. Kokoda - Fast Facts. Planning Your Walk.

Trekking on the Kokoda Track is a challenging experience both physically and emotionally. During your Kokoda experience in Papua New Guinea you will set new boundaries, gain greater self-awareness, while joining a select group of individuals who have achieved something uniquely special. Find A Tour Operator.

Finding the right tour operator for you is key to making sure your Kokoda experience is an enjoyable one.