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The Source is a place for information, inspiration and for sharing stories about exciting discoveries and accomplishments at Washington University.

About The Source The Source is a place for information, inspiration and for sharing stories about exciting discoveries and accomplishments at Washington University. With speeds of nearly miles per hour, hyperloop technology has the potential to revolutionize land-based transportation. But with that revolution comes new challenges for both urban destinations and rural environments.

Louis to Kansas City. As ecosystem engineers, bison have been hiding in plain sight for the past 40 years, since archaeologists first discovered that several native plants were domesticated in eastern North America. Researchers from Olin Business School studied self-managed teams, and found that they tend to create pay inequality.

If these models suggest the movements of tectonic plates create currents in the mantle, we find ourselves with a chicken-and-egg conundrum of asking how currents in the mantle might push around the plates in the first place.

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Metaphors of boats and suits of armour have their limits. To really understand the complex interactions between the crust and mantle we need to stop seeing them as distinct materials, argue the researchers, and come up with better descriptions.

The descriptions the team arrived at allowed them to recreate a planet like ours and watch it evolve over its first 1. By looking at the mantle and crust as gradients of heat and pressure, they could better understand how they each changed. Their Earth twin revealed a rather complex dance of continent formation, drifting, and mantle flow that shifted over millions of years.


About 20 to 40 percent of the surface, they found, is indeed pulled along by the flowing guts of the planet. But that means as much as 60 percent of the surface drags on the mantle. These patterns also change over time.

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The thicker chunks of continental plates are dragged along by deeper currents, until they crunch together into a supercontinent. As the supercontinent fractures and breaks apart, the sinking of plates in turn causes the mantle to flow. The models suggest there's a lot more going on down there than we can make out from the surface, which has made it challenging to imagine just how the mantle's currents and the crust interact.

So much of what happens deep beneath the surface has grave repercussions for life on the surface.