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From the desert last weekend to the Northeast this weekend! Turned 28 on the 28th and just over 28 weeks pregnant. Not the champagne birthday I ever dreamt of but it was definitely one for the books. Thank you to everyone who made it so damn amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed my new.

The ward, after one night, cleared him of any issues, including suicide, or homicide watch. There has been no formal or informal paperwork provided by his leadership explaining as to why what happened, did happen..

He is currently in the process not pending quite yet a medical chapter for personality disorders approved by the commander. Sleeping on the couch. That he was not authorized to proceed anywhere without NCO supervision. There is no documentation.

This has been for 11 days now. Here is my real question. Smith was not put on Homicide or Suicide watch. Smith is also pending an Article 15, and a Chapter.

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Please help me out here, I know it was lengthy. Thank you for reading, and your hopeful input. Follow this discussion. Responses: SFC Join to see.

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Posted 4 y ago. Spc, this is a very slippery slope. My RovingOmakase returns! Resurfacing from a breathless week of high notes but remembering to breathe , keeping up the quality and equanimity with which I show up, only made possible by teams and a community who show up and help me be my best self.

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From gojourny — lightlyanchored jacquelinebparisi hoffmayne lilsoyoung. Heroes: zotov francisjduggan Plant design: brookemckim. Neither words nor photos can quite relay the power of this inaugural rovingomakase to benefit the Brain Tumor Foundation. Tokyo Fresh RovingOmakase by leitihsu.

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When I finally have time to reflect on not only the past six months of growth I personally have gone through, but the many I serve. What a night!

Happy birthday cjaeckle leitihsu Thanks for a wonderful evening!!! I have been learning more and more to surrender to serendipity. I planned a trip to NY less than two weeks ago.

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She told me that she does a roving omakase series and wanted to throw one benefiting brain tumor research during the three days I happened to be in town and needed a venue. Somehow today 30 people showed up, and I stuffed my face with sushi tolls from the chef at Uchu Kaiseki, hot pot and a lot more before catching a late flight to Vancouver for TED. I appreciate how absurd my life is, well sort of. Thanks cjaeckle and leitihsu Cherry Blossom rovingomakase. Sometimes you just need a little caviar rovingomakase.