Towards Fairer University Assessment: Recognizing the Concerns of Students

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Chapter four explains how fairness is decided, from the perspective of students.

I found the diagrams to be helpful as they offered a framework for reflection and evaluation of assessment practice on my courses and I particularly appreciated the detailed analysis surrounding the various sections. I found that I used these almost as a checklist of what constitutes good assessment practice, reflecting on my own curriculum, and my professional conduct when marking and giving feedback to students.

This is a unique opportunity for readers, who may have read several guides to assessment, to grasp the imperative of the student perception.

Here we learn about the emotional context, including levels of desperation, maturity, and concerns over the ramifications of challenging an assessment decision. Chapter six provides a summary of the findings from the book, explores implications for teachers and others charged with curriculum development and policy, and promotes fair and equitable assessment policies and practices.

Here again is an opportunity for teachers and institution leaders to reflect on their current curriculum policy and practice.

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Rather than a simplistic recipe for change we are offered insights into student views on assessment, cautioning against a trivial understanding of assessment. Recommendations for further research are offered in terms of improving the likelihood of students taking action in response to perceived unfair assessment, and refining institutional student evaluations. As a teacher educator working with teachers in the lifelong learning sector and HE this book has offered me both a deeper understanding of what constitutes fair assessment from the student perspective, and a framework for discussion with my own student teachers.

Professionalism in Practice

I would certainly recommend it to colleagues. Bourdieu, P. Nerilee Flint , Bruce Johnson.

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  6. After all the hours of studying, reading and preparation, the nights spent revising and the writing and re-writing of assignments, success for university students can often be represented with a single grade or digit, summing up a wide range of activities. The authors of this timely book ask how fair that assessment is.

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    This book is about a long-ignored determinant of student satisfaction, concerning the perception of how fairly students are judged, marked, ranked and rewarded for demonstrating their capabilities at university. In the high stakes competitive field of higher education, students are increasingly positioned as customers whose views on their university experience are considered vitally important.

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    Yet paradoxically, little research has been undertaken to find out more about how students decide whether they have been treated fairly and what they do about it. This book fills a major gap in our understanding of these issues, responding to four key questions:Why is the assessment of students capabilities the core business of universities?